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June  2010      I can repeat myself  - exams - all those who want to be prepared go through their papers, read the relevant texts, go through your c.v.s, learn your spelling, a.s.o. come to the classes !

Spring 2010     Some have deceided not to come so some oneīs decision to stop one of the classes can not be ignored......... Please continue your work and go on working on your papers. This is a new situation and we have to find new ways to make sure that you will pass your exams. 

week 3 2010    intermediate exams - all those who want to be prepared go through their papers .....

Happy New Year !

18 December 2009  Last lessons for this year - Merry Christmas and be safe !

November  2009  Final oral exams  = Good bye to all successful students ! Drop me a line and let me know where you end up !

19 November  2009 The bishopīs of Mount Klamott  last meeting for this year - "Itīs getting cold....." 

8 - 13 October 2009  written exams  - Good luck and all the best !

22 September 2009 basic homework texts "my yesterday", the portrait and the c.v have to be handed in by 15 Ocotober 2009   

Austust 2009  summer vacation - Have a wonderful time !  

22 July 2009 The bishopīs of Mount Klamott (formerly known as "running students") finish the 100th kilometre - Hurray !

7 July Farewell and congratulations to all the student who are leaving us today. Some will go on and prepare their next exams, some will have a job. Let us know, where you end up. We would like to hear from you again !

June  2009  The start of our collection of recipes from all over the world     5 May 2009  The first can say that they passed the written exams......     April  2009   The day for the written exams are 15 May    March 2009  Restart of this yearīs running students is the 2 April - for further information contact the web      3 September 2008  Start of regular  running - students meet in Volkspark Friedrichhain every Wednesday at 4      26 August  2008     A warm welcome to all the beginners  -  For all other students the finals are about to begin - presentation are welcome    July  2008     Have a good time but I also have to remind both groups No. 1: Prepare your presentations for the last week of August !       24 July 2008     Start of the running and fitness group  -  ComRun - Plan to have a "jour fixe" in the end of August - next meeting 3 September  May  2008     Congratulations to all finishers - Good luck where ever you go ! Please drop me a line or two to let me know where you end up !   February 2008     Greetings from Hong Kong  - I will be back !

5 November  2007    Remember, remember the Fifth of November,

......The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent
To blow up King and Parli'ment.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England's overthrow;
By God's providence he was catch'd
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!

17 October  2007     Some  of you might not know the textbook  we are told to work with. It is called "A new start"  (ISBN-10: 3810957410) and here you can find the link to the publishers Cornelsen.   10 October  2007     A week off for some students, others have the need to check for a last time what they should know for their exams. Here you find the link.     September  2007   The last weeks have started - all of you practising for the exams this year should work on the current tasks e.g. the c.v., "my Berlin", "my last year" a.s.o. If you need further instructions or want your texts being corrected, see Ms Lindenberg jun. or me !    6 - 27  August  2007   Summer break      June  and July 2007              The majority of SACW passed away - but a small number is strong and keen to carry on.....    24 May  2007              Start of project with SACW (the ones who  Seek  And  Chase  Wisdom) The students are planning a special version of a Berlin city guide, the "other" Berlin City Guide.   May 2007              Oral exams and interviews and again the majority passed: .....   Congratulations and best of luck to all of you !!! The first group finished the exams and only a few go into the next lap.    20 April 2007              First rumors !!! Most students passed the written exams - those who did not know, because we had told them before and the students know why. Now you should prepare your interviews !   1 - 15 April 2007        Easter or spingtime break    26 - 29 March 2007   MSA exams______________    23 March 2007          Today was the last day of the official preparation for the written exams and I hope that all of you  are well prepared. All the best and good luck for you next week, see you in two weeks time !   21 March 2007        Tomorrow at 3 p.m. I would like to show one or two films especially for those who picked the USA as a topic for their exams. I hope that I do not have to point out that the films will be shown in English. Wishes are welcome! All those who are interested please contact me and we will arange a meeting and I will have made sure by then that we will get a room.     18 March 2007        Now all those who are regularly online and perhaps need further communication have the possibility to use an online chat which can be found here.    12 March 2007        I have gathered the relevant vocabulary. Here you can find the file. Everybody who wants to repeat the irregular verbs can find them here.      11 March 2007        "Office hours" for preparation in English in week 11 and 12 : monday (RR5), tuesday (TR1) and thursday (TR5) with U. Lindenberg, wednesday (TR5) JO ( different rooms in week 12 ! )   08 March 2007        I know that it is no news to most of the students, but as a further  preparation for the oral exams you should listen to the BBC !   07 March 2007        All students preparing for MSA spring 2007 are recomended to have a look at ->     04 March 2007        Three weeks left for final preparation. In week 11 and 12 teachers will give additional advice for each subject. Make sure that you will find the right teacher for the right answer !